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Hi there, thanks for stopping by. The point of this website is to (as simply as possible) explain who I am, what I am up to, what I am passionate about, what kind of partnerships I look for; and, of course, how hiring me as a consultant or hiring my team, can help take your business to the next level and very likely sky-rocket your revenue immediately and on-going.

Honestly, the below “wall of words” reads a lot smoother in third-person, so we are going to switch over. But please know, your emails go directly to me. I read everything. For better or worse, it’s not uncommon for you to get a response at 2am or 3 am because I am curious about your idea. I don’t sleep much. While you’re sleeping, I’m likely reading a book or watching a documentary (traits I inherited from my Dad).

Joe Wehinger is best known as a media entrepreneur who uses his entertainment and business skills coupled with his passions for storytelling and teamwork to support and motivate business leaders, start-up teams, and creative artists to realize their full potential.

As a successful entrepreneur, Joe has founded and operated several companies over the past 15 years, most notably digital marketing agency United Digital & Associates and lifestyle magazine Daily Ovation. Through United Digital & Associates, Joe has led or managed marketing / interactive campaigns including: authors, award shows, celebrity brands, charity brands, concerts / festivals, e-commerce, studio and independent film, government grant projects, gifting suites, hospitality, live events, tourism.

Through Daily Ovation, Joe has contributed articles and led a global team of journalists and video producers to create and share lifestyle news. This includes: hospitality, tourism, health and wellness, beauty, fitness / nutrition thoroughly-researched seasonal gift guides. He and his team have had the privilege to experience and report on the best restaurants in the world, the top spa’s in the world and interview thought-leaders in the worlds of technology, culture, retail, culinary.

As a digital consultant, Joe has created e-commerce websites, sales funnels, video sales letters, and email sales campaigns that have generated millions of dollars for businesses and non-profits. As an author, Joe has written popular articles and hosted videos interviewing chefs, winemakers, sommeliers, entertainment stars, political figures, global tourism personalities.

As an executive producer, Joe has successful experience raising funds, cofunds or partnering with: private equity, venture capital, hard/soft lending, fiscal sponsorship.

Joe’s most popular speaking topics include:

Creating Profitable Passions in the Digital World
Bridging the C-Gap: Getting your Exec’s and Team on the Same Page
Creative Money: How to Fund Your Art
Make it a Good Digital Day: Remaining Positive in the World of Social Media
Your Money, Your Cause: Digital Fundraising for your Charity

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